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SFCPG Preview
SFCPG Preview

March 3rd, 2014, 3:20 pm

Survivor PG: Character Application

Survivor Fan Characters PG Season 1 is coming together pretty nicely so far (I'll be posting the preview for it the day after the SFC12 finale wraps up), and I'm liking the direction its going in. I think I'm getting a decent grip on using the applicants properly, and I'm enjoying where it's going.

With that being said, I'm posting this simply because I want you guys to be able to send in your characters if you have a great idea now. Season 2 wont be happening for awhile, but like SWSU, I'll keep applications open starting now up until I'm ready to settle down and start season 2.

Keep in mind, my requirements are the you fill out the application below, and provide a full sprite sheet of you character (including idle, walking, and running poses for front, side, and back, as well as a sitting pose for the front and side. Also include a voting pose if you want, but that's optional).

Refer to these tutorials if you want some help making your sprites:

Also, new this season... I will allow you to send in applicants who have participated in SWSU's SFC series (which will make it easier for you sprite wise). Keep in mind though, if I receive a brand new character and a character who has been in SFC who have very similar personalities, I will most likely go with the brand new character. As much as possible, I don't want to use characters from SFC, but I'm keeping that option open for you guys.

Send your applications to me in a PM, and I will hold onto them for when I decide my cast. You can send in as many applications as you want but I will likely only use one of you characters, and keep in mind, if your character gets picked, there is a chance they wont turn out exactly how you want them to since I'm very new to this... but I will try my best for you!

What is your Fan Characters Name?:
What Series Are They From:
Tell Me About Their Personality (Give me a decent description):
Sum Up The Character In 1-2 Words:
What Types of People would They Side with?:
What Types of People would They Avoid?:
How do they handle Physically?:
How Smart Are They? Game Smart and Book Smart?:
IF they make the Family Challenge who do you want to come? (Can be another FC from that world):
Provide me with a description of the family visitor:
Provide me with a visual description of the family visitor (if you provide sprites it will be better):
IF they make the Jury/Finals what do you want their outfit to be? (Cannot be same as normal. Provide sprite sheet if possible):
What Type of Game would they Play?:
Any Interesting Facts or Quirks your character has that would make them interesting?:
Can You Give Me A Sample on how they talk so I can write for them better?:
Anything else at all you would like me to know?:

June 9th, 2013, 8:12 pm

The Future of TDS2

For those of you reading Total Drama Survivor 2, you've probably noticed a lack of updates recently. Part of that is due to busyness in life right now, but another part is just lack of inspiration... I have not been enjoying making TDS2 as much as I have been while making the first TDS season. I think it's a mix of things... the characters, and the original tribes I made. The TDRI characters just aren't as much fun as the originals, and honestly I think it's time to move away from characters where the audience already has expectations for going into it.

So that's where my dilemma comes in. I honestly hate cancelling my comic series because I hate it when other people do it and I feel like you guys might lose faith and be like "Oh well he's never going to finish another comic, so why bother even reading it". That's why I kind of want your guys opinion. How mad would you be if I were to cancel TDS2?

Now before you jump to respond, hear me out a bit. If I were to cancel TDS2 you will still get comics up until the end of Episode 6 (because I've already finished that many), and after that I will either do quick comics (one comic per episode as a summary), or just tell you the boot list and some key events that would have happened.

If TDS2 is to be cancelled now, I will have more time to work on my SFC comic that I've been planning for awhile now. I've already started some work on it, and I'm enjoying the characters, story, and honestly just everything about it more than I've been enjoying TDS2. I feel like if I really focused on it, I could work faster than I would with TDS2 and I think the end product would be more enjoyable for the audience too.

So yeah, just looking for opinions. What do you think about cancelling TDS2 in order to spend more time on an SFC comic with some of my characters as well as some applicants that have already been chosen?

August 29th, 2012, 3:09 am

How Should I Post TDS2?

So stuff has been going on that has given me less time to work on TDS2. I'm still working on it, it's just going slower than expected... I am currently finishing up Episode 3 (2 comics left) and then it will be onto Episode 4 (which honestly isn't that bad, it's just slower than I wanted). I've been leaving you guys with pre game interviews so far so that you're not completely left with nothing, and I do plan on finishing those (6 left to go), and then there are some options for posting the comics... so please leave a comment and vote for what you want.

1. Continue posting Pre Game Interviews every 5 days or so, and then be able to post comics once a day from start to finish.
2. Finish posting Pre Game Interviews once every day or two, and then post the regular comics about every 3 days.
3. Finish posting Pre Game Interviews once every day or two, and then post the first episode, take a 2 week break, post second episode, 2 week break, and so on.

Vote for what you'd rather me do. Not guaranteeing anything, but your vote my influence my decision.

May 28th, 2012, 10:14 pm

Total Drama Survivor 2: Postponed

Not cancelled, postponed... for a few reasons actually.

Cartoon Network is only starting to air Revenge of the Island in June, and I know majority of my readers are in the USA. Since some of them have been waiting for TDRI in CN and haven't watched it on Youtube yet, I want to make sure that majority of readers are caught up and ready for this.

I am also redoing a lot of TDS2. I'm really not enjoying the typical 10 comic format that I took from SFC, especially for the small amount of characters I'm using... so I plan on changing the number of comics in each episode to fit the cast number better and I think it will work quite a bit better. The season will be shorter than the first TDS and much shorter than SFC, but I think it will still be pretty enjoyable. If I was to keep it with 10 comic episodes, I'd quickly run out of storylines to work with... I think this will be a good move, and we'll see how it pays off.

I will keep you all updated and let you know my plans for this. Just know, it's not cancelled (at least not yet :P)

January 24th, 2012, 10:26 pm

Total Drama Survivor - DONE

It may have taken a year and three months, but the journey is finally over! :)

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